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About the journal "Public Law Researches"


"Public Law Researches" is an electronic scientific and analytical magazine.

Published since 2006, four times a year.

Registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Certificate of Registration number EL No. FS77-46286).

ISSN: 2225-1669

Founder - Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Public Law Research Institute"(

The journal publishes articles on the main issues of modern researches in public law, specifically:

  • constitutional law and political systems;   
  • administrative law and public (municipal) governance;   
  • financial law and public finances

In the period from 2006 to 2009, "Public Law Researches" published as a yearbook. Texts from the yearbooks "Public Law Researches" were placed in well-known Russian Legal-reference system "ConsultantPlus"

Public Law Researches 2006 (1)

To readers

1. Constitutional law and political systems

Actual problems of the Russian constitutional law
Emelyanov A. Constitutional reform: legal, political and economic aspects of enlargement of the Russian Federation
Constitutional rights and freedoms
Smirnova M. The constitutional right to education and guarantees of its implementation in the non-public institution of comprehensive education
Malinowski A. Responsibility for violation of legislation on freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and religious associations: the scientific and practical commentary to articles 14 and 26 of the Federal Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations"
new constitution. Our translations
Constitution of the Republic of Serbia 2006 (translated from the Serbian into Russian and the accompanying article by Petrova E.)
constitutional law of foreign countries, and comparative political systems
Mamedova N. Political Party of Iran
New books. Reviews
Shakhmametiev A. - Andreeva G. Economic Constitution in foreign countries

2. Administrative Law
State and Municipal Governance

Public Service Reform in Russia
Glushko E. Public service and administrative reform
Educational law and education management
Kozyrin A. Current status of the legal framework on education in the Russian Federation and Prospects of Development of Education Legislation
Administrative Law and Business
Troshkina T. Providing tariff preferences according to customs law: scientific and practical commentary to article 36 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Customs Tariff"
Administrative law and public administration in foreign countries
Gudoshnikov L. Administrative Law of the People's Republic of China
New laws. Our translations
Law of the People's Republic of China "On civil servants" (translated from Chinese into Russian by Antonov V.)

3. Financial Law and Public Finances
Budget Reform in the Russian Federation
Artyukhin R. Budget classification of the Russian Federation: Scientific-practical commentary to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation
Klishina M. Current issues for regional budgeting
Taxes, duties and fees. Tax Law
Orlov M. Tax and fiscal sovereignty of the state
Vassiliev N. Legal regulation of taxation of electronic commerce: the experience of foreign countries and Russia
Financial control and combating combating legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime
Jasinski I. Questions of implementation of international standards in the Russian legislation in the sphere of counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing
Financial Law and Public Finances in the former Soviet Union
Geyvandov Y. Current status and some problems of interstate integration in the monetary sphere in the post-Soviet space
Eshonov B. The legal basis for tax advice in Uzbekistan
Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Tax Counseling" (translated from Uzbek in Russian)
Financial Law and Public Finance in Foreign Countries
Belousov A. The legal status, structure and proceedings in the U.S. Tax Court
Zhmuyda I. Islamic economics and Islamic finance in Pakistan
Our translations
A new "financial constitution" of France: the Organic Law "On the financial laws" (translated from French into Russian and author's commentary Samoilova L.)
Public Law Classics
Jellinek G. Budget Law
Methods of teaching financial law
Yalbulganov A. On teaching the history of financial law. The program of the course "History of the Financial Law of Russia"
Selection of dissertation topics on Financial Law
Komyagin D. Budget and legal issues in dissertations on Financial Law: 2006

Public Law Researches 2007 (2)

Constitutional law and political systems

Constitutional rights and freedoms
Chernega O. The constitutional right to life and the legal problems of biomedical ethics
Our translations
Oregon Death with Dignity Act (translated from English and introductory article by Kruchinetskya M. )
Scientific and Practical Commentary
Federal Law of May 2, 2006 No. 59-FZ "On procedures for processing citizens' applications": clause-by-clause commentary ( Glushko E. )
suffrage and political parties
Emelyanov A. The participation of political parties in municipal elections: the case of the Tyumen Region
new constitutions and the constitutional reforms in foreign countries
Akuev N. The main features and characteristics of the Constitution of Kazakhstan
Constitution of Kazakhstan (2007 edition)
constitutional institutions of foreign countries, and comparative political systems
Mogunova M. The head of state in Sweden
Gudoshnikov L. On the status of the President of the People's Republic of China
Mamedova N. Institute of Rahbar in the Political System of Iran

Administrative Law
State and Municipal Governance

Laws' Novels
Agapov A. The public status of public corporations
Scientific and Practical Commentary
Kalinin A. Commentary to the Federal Law of December 30, 2006 No. 281-FZ "On special economic measures"
Municipal Service
Glushko E. Legal regulation of municipal service in the Russian Federation
Public Law Classics
Gradovskii A. Law and Administrative Order on Russian Law
Methods of teaching: new courses
Troshkina T. Customs Policy of Russia: the national and international dimension
Administrative Law and Public Administration Abroad
Silaychev M. Administrative agreements in the legislation of Germany and Russia

Financial Law and Public Finances
Budget Law and Budget control
Komyagin D. Implementation of the budget for revenues, expenditures and sources of financing the deficit: stages and particular procedures
Tax law and tax procedures
Kozyrin A. General principles of tax law-making procedures
Financial Law Classics
Kokoshkin F. The budget issue in countries with representative government
Financial Law and Public Finance Abroad
Volmann H. Local finances and reforms of the local political systems and local self-government: Britain, France, Sweden and Germany
Kadikov A., Yalbulganov A. Legal regulation of budgetary control in Australia at the federal level
Anniversary of Maria Alexandrovna Mogunova
Anniversary of Leonid Moiseevich Gudoshnikov

Public Law Research 2008-2009 (3)


Theory of Constitutional Law
Mogunova M. Parliamentarism: the concept, the essence, the principles
Mechanism of state power at the regional level
Romanovsky G. System of executive authorities in regions of the Russian Federation: problems of organization and functioning
Constitutional law and political systems of the Far East
Gudoshnikov L. The Constitution of 1978 and the beginning of the law-recovery process in China
Zhebin A. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea: the experience of sovereign transformation
Scientific Debuts
Bure K. In search of constitutional economics


Law and military construction
Kuznetsov N. The development of legislation on the system unit of the Armed Forces in Russia
Legislation Commentary
Glushko E. Clause-by-clause comment to the Federal Law "On autonomous institutions"
Our translations: a modern energy law of China
Biryulin E. Administrative and legal regulation of energy in China
Law of the People's Republic of China of renewable energy sources (translated from Chinese into Russian by Biryulin E.)
Law of the PRC on saving energy (translated from Chinese into RUssian by Biryulin E.)


Military FinanceS
Komyagin D., Lebedev S., Lukoyanov I., Hodyakov M. The Military Budget of Russia: historical and legal research
Genesis of the science of finances and financial law
Kovalev V. At the origins of financial science in Russia
Methods of financial law teaching
Kozyrin A. Teaching financial law of foreign countries: training course curriculum


Anniversary of Valery Viktorovich Kovalev


Professor Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov (1926-2008)